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Berry Picking Time

Today the temperature dipped to a balmy 27°C (that felt like 38°C with the humidity), so I decided to take advantage of the relatively cooler temperatures to go berry picking with my mother and my daughter. We popped over to the raspberry U-pick area of the Orleans Fruit Farm.

There wasn't a breeze to be had, but the sun mercifully stayed hidden behind the clouds except for a few peeks. Even so, we were all dripping with sweat within minutes of stepping out of the car. But it was so worth it! I picked about 6lbs of berries, not nearly enough for our yearly preserves (especially if we all keep snacking on them), but a good start. Perhaps it will cool down enough next week that we'll want to go again, but the forecast isn't promising. We can always head over to the farmer's market instead where we can get local produce with someone else doing the dirty work!

By the way, it's nigh impossible to get a picture of just your haul when the berries are within the munchkin's reach. Oh well, at least they're good for her...



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Jul. 15th, 2010 09:35 am (UTC)
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